The 2nd Annual Eagles Summit of Covenant University graduates from all over the world is set to kickoff today.

Muyiwa Fadugba

The theme for this year’s gathering is Awakening the Giant in You.

Olumuyiwa Fadugba, the President of the Alumni Association said, “Our goal is to remind every eagle that there are great deposits within them waiting for expression. Many eagles have lost sight of their potentials because of the challenges they are constantly faced with in life, workplace and even family. This summit seeks to provide a platform for a rekindling of the flames and passions for success as it was ignited while on campus.”

The first edition in 2009 had over 1500 eagles in attendance both live and on the internet. It was a power-jammed experience with strong teachings and impartation from the Chancellor, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop David Oyedepo & Muyiwa

Attendees are sure to get a double-portion of the anointing this time around.

It is a 2-day event, and wraps up tomorrow.

GospelMet will be sure to bring you the follow up gist. Up Hebronites!

This is Gospel  Metropolitan.


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