Gospel Celebs’ Express – G.C.E.

Mary Mary – gospel singers

The enemy doesn’t want ur car or ur money or ur relationship, he wants your JOY! Don’t let him Steal it! The JOY of the Lord is ur strength!

Kirk Franklin

I’m learning: God is either going to fix the situation, or use the situation as His tool to fix you (Rom:28). that’s not an easy lesson..

John Gray – Filmmaker, Songwriter, Preacher, Comedian and Wearer of Velvet.

Men of God: this is the season for covenant. A wife in this season is like a supernatural armor that can withstand hell itself. Find her!

Nelson Jonathan – Musician, Songwriter, Producer

Just want 2 encourage my tweeps to BELIEVE what u say, so U can SEE what u say!! I tried it 4 myself! It works!!!

GOSPEL CELEBS’ EXPRESS brings you words of motivation, inspiration, encouragement and even humour, from the mouth of HIS ministers. They are culled from Twitter.

This is Gospel Metropolitan – you one-stop shop for the Good News!


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