Deitrick Haddon STORMS Kenya @ Noon

The “Love-Him-Like-I-Do” Pastor/Singer,  is tearing Kenya into Holy bits for the Lord!

Deitrick Haddon is starring in the Spread the Love festival, backed by the Aaron Rimbui Funk Unit.

The Festival also features Javen (, Eric Wainaina, Kanjii, Juliani, Atemi, Daddy Owen, Astar & The CTA Crew.

This gospel event starts today at the Impala Grounds from 12 noon to 6 pm.

The vision of Spread the Love is to see society transformed for the good by loving one person at a time.

Deitrick is tweeting from Kenya, and I am not surprised to see happy tweets. He says, “I’m feeling Nairobi Kenya! God is on this land man! I’m at home here. All African American bros & sisters must experience the motherland!”

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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