Gospel Celebs’ Express – G.C.E (2)

Rick Warren

When someone says “We worship the same God” reply “Really? My God is Jesus Christ” It instantly clears up confusion.

Donnie Mclurkin

2all of u that support the ministry God has given me, THANK YOU! Pls con’t 2 support ALL who minister this true gospel in song & holy life!


Lyndriette – (getting there)

If something is 2 small 2 pray about, then it is 2 small 2 worry about. Lord, give me the strength& wisdom 2 keep my life manageable

John Gray

There’s nothing more dangerous or more rewarding than marriage. It’s a faith leap that costs everything and gives everything in return.

/G.M: it seems John Gray is still on the marriage tweets, it’s all good 🙂 /

Women of Faith

“Jesus never shows up too early, or never comes too late…”

“Forgiveness is a decision and not an emotion…not letting our history control our destiny.”

Women of Faith

Aaron Thomas –   Christian/pop recording artist/producer/songwriter/vocal arranger.

Anybody ever went to sleep in church? yo that be the best sleep. Its like resting in His presence lol

/G.M: it is in your best interests not to follow Aaron’s footsteps, sleeping in Church AIN’T resting in his presence, LOL/

Pastor John P. Kee

Preachers & PrayerWarriors When U really trust the power & performance of Prayer, U don’t need a lot of extra meetings behind closed doors!

GOSPEL CELEBS’ EXPRESS brings you words of motivation, inspiration, encouragement and even humour, from the mouth of HIS ministers. They are culled from Twitter.

This is Gospel Metropolitan – you one-stop shop for the Good News!


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