I’m soo Happy – Karima Kibble

The first time I heard this song, I was in my flatmate’s car and we were heading to church on sunday.

I didn’t want to get off when we got to my stop. The song tripped off my Spirit and I felt God’s love envelope me instantly.

I totally love Karima’s voice…it  effortlessly reaches out to you with the Word.

“So Happy”  is the song you wanna sing when devil thinks he’s got you at your lowest.

Karima Kibble

Here is the lyrics — sing along and STAY HAPPY!

Yeah, Yeah, i get happy


I’m so thankful for everything you’ve done for me
Just to have you in my life is such a blessing
How your constantly showing me just how much you love me
And use the little things in life to remind me
How big you are, how amazing is your grace
You can tell that he a lifter and the smile that’s on my face
I’m just happy to call you friend, yeah
When i think about it i can’t help but grin


I’m so glad your there
Hearing my every prayer
Just to know that you care
Oh Oh i get happy
You are the sweetest thing
Gave me your love for free
The way your loving me
Oh Oh i get happy

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/so-happy-lyrics-karima-kibble.html ]

I get JOY (*2)


This morning i got up and looked out the window, yeah
And i couldnt help but see all my creator has given me (alot)
See the beauty and the trees
Look forward to summer breeze
Blown away by the love around me
Cause i got my family and my baby calling
No matter what comes or goes i know they’re looking out for me
But most of all i’m thankful for his love
And the happyness he gives is more than enough



If your happy and you know it (*8)


This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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