If HUMILITY is …what happens to my SELF-ESTEEM?

If HUMILITY is to think of others as better than me, what happens to my SELF-ESTEEM?

I was  having my devotions this morning. The title for the day was ‘it’s all about him’.

The author was on about how no one else’s name counts in life except God. Therefore, we should learn to be humble because “with the same intensity God hates pride, he loves humility.” This person then went on to give tips on how we can be humble, and he quoted Romans 12:3-4 in a very hip-version (i have to find that Bible). It reads, “don’t cherish exaggerated ideas of yourself…but try to have a sane estimate of your capabilities.”

My NLV says of the same passage, “…dont think you are better than you really are. Be honest in your evaluation of yourselves, measuring yourselves by the faith God has given us.”

The part of the daily devotional that struck me was his quote and explanation of Phillipians 2:3, “…don’t try to impress others. be humble and think of others as better than yourselves.” I cross-checked just to be extra-certain, and the Bible really says that.

I immediately picked my phone and Instant Messaged a friend whose understanding of the word has garnered my respect. My question was –  if I should really obey that command, won’t my self-esteem suffer?

Humility is a tough call for humans because it is not just our nature. Pride, the absolute opposite, was our innate sinful nature until Christ died for us. I was told a story of how when I was a baby still feeding on the bottle, I was very hungry and my aunty or mum rubbed the feeder on my lips and withdrew it about 3 times.  By the 3rd tease, they said I exploded and kicked the bottle out of her hands. We were born sinners!

But when Jesus died, rose again and sent us his comforter (the Holy Spirit) to fill us with his gifts, humilty is one of the new natures we are meant to display as signs of being on the Lord’s side.

All of the above are the background knowledge we may already have, so back to the question. How does your self-esteem fit into being humble? The first thing that came to my mind as I pondered on this question was that mere fact that your self-esteem may be hurt in obeying this commandement shows that pride may still have a seed and field of play in our lives.

Let me break this down, if I feel my self-esteem will be low if I think of others as better than myself, then perhaps, that has become a case of wounded pride. This also translates to mean that, I would not be practising humility whole-heartedly.

It became impressed upon me that, when I think of others as better than myself, I am not casting myself down, I am only appreciating the fact that without JESUS, I am absolutely nothing. So whatever I am now is by the grace of God. That should be our motto for everyday living.

Share your thougts with me on this issue of humility. To comment, scroll to the top of the post. Stay blessed.

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4 thoughts on “If HUMILITY is …what happens to my SELF-ESTEEM?

  1. wandy says:

    how do you measure humility?
    at what point would you say one is humble or filled with pride?
    if i act like i dont know when i do know, am i being humble?
    humility has something to do with taking responsibility, having a good team spirit, accommodating excesses, being slow to anger, understanding…….
    if i am smarter than you are, i dont necessarily have to put it to ur face that i am, i would probably be showing off. i believe it would be evident in my manner of conversation or by the contribution i make.
    weeeell, wot people think about u does matter( it depends on what) but it should not stop you from being who you are or what you like doing.
    the word is BALANCE.

  2. Jimi Olabintan says:

    We must esteem others in lowliness of mind better than ourselves. We must be severe upon our own faults and charitable/lenient in our judgments of others. We must be quick in observing our own defects and infirmities, but ready to overlook and make favorable allowances for the defects of others. We must esteem the good which is in others above that which is in ourselves; for we best know our own unworthiness and imperfections. And this self-emptying tendencies has no conflict with our self-esteem as a matter of fact. Have you not noticed,that genuinely humble people are the most internally secured people?? Think of Jesus Christ..and in contemporary times, think of Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. Your self-esteem is simply your understanding of who you are and your potentials. Being humble only validates your true knowledge of yourself.

    And more importantly, it is a pattern established by the Lord Himself…it’s called the SELF-EMPTYING MINDSET and He expects the same mind-set to be in us. Let’s start taking joy in accepting that others are better than us. The real “us” is nobody!! There is nothing that we have that we have not received from God..why then we act like it’s originally ours??

    My definition of humility :

    ..Humility is the God-given self-assurance that eliminates the need to prove to others the worth of who you are, and the rightness of what you do and joyfully accept and esteem the greatness in others with a very high intensity!

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