Tye is a FRESH new man – he opens up about his infidelity

Tye Tribbet recently opened up to the press about how he betrayed the morals he learned as a child and his spiritually uplifting songs when he cheated on his wife a year ago – a misstep that resulted in her doing the same thing to him.

Tribbett had an affair with a woman from his choir, Greater Anointing — known as G.A. He said it was with a woman he and his wife had counseled, but the relationship became “her and I more than the three of us. It got out of control.”

After Tribbett’s wife found out about his side relationship, she sought revenge by cheating on him with another man. Both of their infidelities almost ended the couple’s marriage of 13 years, but the two found a way to work it out after he took a sabbatical.

Now, Tribbett is looking for a new start with his life and new album, “Fresh,” which was released this week. This will be Tribbett’s first solo album without his choir, which has released three albums with him.

This New Jersey-born preacher  Tye Tribbett is now taking the gospel world gospel world by storm.

“Fresh,” is technically his fourth album and a solo debut- since he disbanded Greater Anointing, the choir he led for nearly five years.

Sean Fennessey takes us through a description of each track on this phenomenal album:

…what keeps “Fresh” engaging is how time lost it seems.

“Take Over” is pure Journey balladry — you can practically hear Tribbett clutching his chest over cascading pianos and grungy chords.

The woozy “Only Help!” is a classic gospel renunciation of self, draped in contemporary haze: “I cast out all pornography/Uproot that thing up out of me/Devil, you no longer have any control over me,” Tribbett sings, his voice twisting off into roboticized sadness, like an alien lament to loneliness.

Tye, Wife and Kid

The stirring “Keep Me,” a duet with Tim Rogers, is prime pulpit drama, a nod to form and musical legacy. And “Replace Me,” … Tribbett weaves around convention in surprising ways, often turning to the schmaltziest of styles to sell his shtick. But his brand of manic passion is so enveloping, it can be worth suffering through his one-too-many guitar solos


One thing that surely re-echoes through this FRESH album is Tye Tribbet’s passion for God. I want a fresh new start with the Lord.. how about you?

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


8 thoughts on “Tye is a FRESH new man – he opens up about his infidelity

  1. wandy says:

    sad when you hear this about Men of God, worshippers and anointed ministers.
    Pastor Donnie McClurkin said, After you’v done all you can STAND!. he that is in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things have become new.
    there is therefore now no condemnation….
    Tye has made tremendous impact with his music. a fresh start is all that is needed.
    FRESH is it. i want a copy n i wanna be blessed by it.
    …for a saint is just a sinner who fell down, but he dint stay there he got up. wot u sitting and waiting for???

    • tomioladepo says:

      That is the Spirit!
      At least they worked and walked through it. This is actually the first time I am reading about 2 partners cheating in a relationship and making it through. Only God can make that possible in any relationship. It is a testimony of FRESH start.

  2. precious says:

    Its pretty tough. But its sincere. Lots of folks might not really understand but what’s important is admitting a wrong and being brave and hunble enough to share with the brethren.
    I applaud His courage and pray their marital bliss is fully restored.

  3. oke says:

    If Jesus paid the price while I was yet in sin and He says all I have to do each time I fall is to confess and that He loves me all the same regardless. Then our Bro. has shown he has a relationship with the Father he erred and has openly admitted it and has gone back to the Father,he is still a son. Nothing we do can reduce the love God has for us NOTHING!

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