Deitrick Haddon’s movie : Blessed & Cursed!

I bet you didn’t know D. Haddy had it in him! A movie producer and an actor, all rolled into one!!! Check this out:

The story is a modern twist on the Bibilical story of David and Saul. BLESEED &CURSED depicts Dwight Hawkins’ (Deitrick Haddon) struggle to realize his God-given purpose. Compelled to help his father after his dreams derailed. Dwight must choose between family obligations versus pursuing his own dream of gospel music superstardom. He receives an incredible opportunity to become a psalmist in the city’s largest church but this new position is too good to be true as Dwight gets caught in the diabolical scheme of jealousy as orchstrated by the Church’s Bishop.

Starring in this ecplosive are D. Haddy himself, his wife Damita, Kierra Sheard, Karen Clark Sheard, Bobby Jones and other gospel names.

What have people been saying about BLESSED & CURSED:

When 1st looking at this title I was unsure of what to think. First I thought maybe this is like one of those addict movies, someone sees the dark side and then is blessed to see some shard of light. This new movie hit me with a pleasant surprised, truly seeking to shine and share “blessings” of God. Probably the biggest surprise surrounds the fact that this is not the typical, run-of-the-mill Hollywood flick, that always seems the neglect or even reject the reality of God within life. Yes, one rarely sees true “devout” love-for-God spirituality in movies.

Amazon’s Product Description:

Pain, Deceit and Triumph are just some of the plots twists that viewers will experience in this highly anticipated movie! A modern retelling of the dramatic Biblical account of Saul and David, Blessed & Cursed stars Gospel sensation Deitrick Haddon in his first theatrical debut as Dwight Hawkins an incredibly gifted young man who is in search of his purpose amid setbacks and unexpected surprises! Also starring are Sheryl Lee Ralph (Moesha), Drew Sidora (Step Up) and a host of Gospel music stars including Karen Clark Sheard, DAMITA, Kierra ‘Kiki’ Sheard, Dr. Bobby Jones and Rance Allen.

I can’t wait to grab my copy.. GOd bless you brother Dee 🙂


This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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