Why do good girls like bad boys?

Jemima jumped at the shrill sound of her mobile phone which lay close to her pillow. ‘Gosh who was disturbing my beauty sleep’ she wondered. With her eyes still closed she reluctantly groped for the phone, letting out a little sigh when her hands finally found it.
“Hello Jemima, this is Tunde, I just wanted to find out how you were doing. Are you alright?”
His tone was as soft as marshmallows in a chocolate fountain. Jemima groaned and tossed to the other end of the bed.
“Are you alright?” He asked again. “Of course I am alright, Tunde!” she quipped, “You saw me like two minutes ago.”
Tunde let out a soft light laugh, “that would be a huge exagerration, you waved at me after lectures at 10 minutes past 11 this morning…” Jemima rolled her eyes, and said inwardly, “who is counting?”
Tunde was still talking when her Blackberry started blinking. It was a message from Jim “get dressed in an hour, we are going to see a movie. I want you to wear the short green dress I bought you from Topshop. Don’t keep me waiting o!
Jemima instantly jumped out of bed, the sleep vanishing like talcum in mid-air. ” Tunde I really appreciate your concern, but I have to go, something urgent came up.” She said hurriedly into the phone, cutting him short.
“When can I see you Jemima, just for a cup of tea at least?” he pressed.
“You have the worst timing young man, I really have to go. byeee!”
She dashed for her wardrobe in a half a second. Then she thought for a minute, Jim did not even give her any  prior notice, not even a call, a BB message? Her anger did not last long though, Jim was exciting, adventourous and unpredicatable. That is what she wanted. Tunde would bore her till her eyes popped out of their respectable sockets.
Oh well, where is the green dress?

So folks, where exactly lies the problem? At whose feet really do we lay the blame? Jemima, a good Christian girl who always seem to find ‘bad boys’ appealing?

Or is it Tunde, the sweet, cute, glasses wearing Church pianist whose idea of a perfect time together would be drinking cups of tea whilst flipping through the Bible to see how many times ‘begat’ appears?

Or Jim, the ‘bad boy’ with swag who knows what to say, how to say, with the right degree of force just enough to make girls fall, be they in the choir or in the club?

This is the age-long question which no 0ne has managed to satisfactorily answer: WHY DO GOOD GIRLS LIKE BAD GUYS? Why do they long after the guy who looks like a hooligan and ignore the well dressed one? Why do they What exactly would make a good girl decide that another good guy just doesn’t cut it for her? I have a friend, Lade, who told me that good and sweet guys are synonymous to boring. There was a certain umph and je ne sais quoi they lacked, no matter how hard they tried. If Lade is right and we take her reasoning to its logical conclusion, does that mean that Christianity is boring? Does that mean that worldly music sounds more fun than gospel ones? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

I think that as the scripture has declared, “[T]he children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light” (Luke 16:8). This is applicable to the Jemimas of this world who prefer a man who has no respect for them to one who would love and cherish them. A friend of mine told me that the Jemimas are those girls who have been shown God but who have not really discovered Him themselves. So maybe their parents forced God on them therefore, at the slightest chance, they want to escape anything remotely confining. They want to experience life. Sadly, they usually get burned.

It is also applicable to the Tundes of our time who spend all their time locked up in the heavenly realm and forget to HAVE A LIFE! Even Jesus went to dinners (with Zaccheus Luke 19:1-10). He went to wedding parties and even supplied the drinks (John 2:1-11). He had fun with kids (Luke 18:16). He was not a boring person. I would hate to be with a boring man. I certainly would. Therefore I can sympathise with girls who have been bored out of their wits with such guys.

Another possible reason is due to low self esteem. Why else will a girl prefer a guy who cheats, lies and even hits her? When a girl values herself and holds herself with high regard. She will require others to do the same. You have to know that you are worthy of being treated with kindness and respect.


So there you have it! Our views on the issue. What do you think guys? Why exactly do good girls like bad guys?


Joint post by Tomexy and Temiville.


6 thoughts on “Why do good girls like bad boys?

  1. Abiye says:

    Why do good girls like bad guys?…one word: Excitement. They long for the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with a ‘bad guy’. And rightly so, for within most of us is an innate desire for the adventurous. The truth is, guys do not have to be bad to offer that type of excitement, it is a lack of understanding that equates being good and being boring. Take the story of Jemima for example, she always wanted to wear the green dress, cos it made her feel sexy and beautiful (exciting). She did not wear it because Jim asked her to. Jim asking her was just an excuse and he understood this. Tunde was naive and saw the combination of sexy and beautiful as too extreme to contemplate and that made him boring. On a final note, I have noticed that whenever a girl refers to a guy as sweet, nine out of ten times that rules out a romantic relationship between them. Food for thought.

    • odi-baba says:

      the fact is girls really do not know what they want (sisters included), they would know that the bad guys brings exitement but they also know the bad guy brings pain*(beleive me they know) but in the end they still would choose exitement but would not want the pain (cuz i have never seen a girl who would say i deserve the heart break im getting from this bad guy) but yet the pain and exitement are intertwined. i dont beleive a christian brother should be boring (im a christian myself) but i would expect christian sisters to create boundaries for themselves (thresholds they should not cross no matter what), also they could initiate exitement with their male christian (boy) freinds (it normally takes two to tango)
      conclusively i believe our values must change everything has a cost in life and fun is one those things so sisters must have a balance (fun with virtue) to hold one and not let go of the other (ecclesiastics 7:16-18).

      • Gamine says:

        I hate sweeping comments like this, and I take offense. I KNOW what I want. The only problem here, Is the fact that the idea of bad or good isn’t clearly defined, so I can’t comment on that

  2. Fred says:

    Nice one! Guess the issue has been well dealt! Ladies, even guys, seek exciting, adventurous and classy fellows as dates. What is ironical though is that they do not primarily seek such to the point of marriage. They seem to seek ‘Jim’ for dating while “Tunde’ is sort for marriage. While I completely agree that Tunde should high his game, Jemima should look beyond the present excitements and seek potentials of who to build a home with.

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