when you hit God’s last nerve…

2 Chronicles 22:1-9

Our God is a merciful God who shows compassion and mercy on those he wills. But even if we are saved by grace, Rom 6:15 asks us that do we then go on sinning because we have abundant grace from the father?

Ahaziah was Jeroham’s yougest son appointed to lead God’s children in Jerusalem as King. He was also Jehoshaphat’s grandson (a man who sought the Lord with all his heart), so he wasn’t an alien to the way of the Lord – he wasn’t a novice to how to do it right.

But the Bible says in Vs 4 that Ahaziah “did what was evil in the sight of the Lord, just as Ahab’s family had done. THEY EVEN BECAME HIS ADVISERS…”

I marvelled when I read that portion because this was a clear case of self-destruction. I know of a truth that Kings, once appointed, choose their advisers. Even in national governments today, there is always a ‘cabinet re-shuffle’ once a new leader is on board. And the reason is that you do not want to be led astray.

Ahaziah however chose the wrong company though he was a prodigy in his own time. He was JEROHAM’s YOUNGEST SON. That means he had elder ones, but for some reason they were not fit for the throne. He was only 22 years old – what a wonderful age to start his career at the top, but he threw it all away.

Take a second to check your life and point out areas where you are visibly walking into evil. Evil here does not mean black things with horns, it means anything that displeases our God. That decision in itself may not be a sin, but it could be a forerunner. Just like Ahaziah, his cabinet choice was not a sin, but it led him into it smoothly. What company are you keeping, who are your advisers?

Let’s go on. These advisers of his apparently gave him bad counsel and told him to join forces with King Joram (son of Ahab) to battle King Hazael. Note that all these while God was patiently watching, waiting, perhaps Ahaziah will change his ways. ‘Ahaziah was the grandchild of his beloved Jehoshaphat, he will definitely come to his senses soon’ God thought.


The two men went to battle and Joram had to return home injured. Now listen to this part carefully here, 2 Chr22:6b-7a “…King Ahaziah of Judah went to Jezreel to visit him. BUT GOD DECIDED that this visit would be Ahaziah’s downfall…”. GOD DECIDED… . He reigned for only one year before his life was cut short.

This post is not to scare anyone to heaven’s gate. No! But God is yet to take a decision on loads of things and people. And it is not because he is weak, but because he is merciful. If you have not given your life totally to Jesus today, plz go and knees and ask him in.

No one knows the day or the hour. Right now even as you read this post, some people’s time is up!

Your Christian parents, like Ahaziah to Jehoshaphat cannot save you. The only gain Ahaziah got from that blood tie was a decent burial (2chr22:9b), but where was his soul? It is an individual race.

Please, don’t wait till you hit God’s last nerve.

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


3 thoughts on “when you hit God’s last nerve…

  1. Justino says:

    I must confess this is pure and rhematic sermon. May God bless you real good CEO. and i pray that as you have been sacrificing your time in equipping the saints through your write ups, May you not be found wanting. You will sing Alto in heaven, i will sing Tenor, and Jesus will sing soprano. Bless you real good.

  2. wandy says:

    this is a kind of write -up that should end with SELAH.
    its quite obvious that this period we live in, the love of many is waxing cold, people are being distracted about other things and not kingdom minded or eternity driven.
    some years ago the sound of Jesus is coming soon, rapture, Heaven and Hell makes people re-examine and re-align in preparation for the 2nd Coming. The truth remains– Gods Word is standard, unshakable and life.
    Your either on God’s side or otherwise.
    Life is short, choose how you live your life.

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