Pastor’s Wife found in Burning Car

This is a testimony!

According to The Mufreesboro Post, Latorcia Clark, 46, wife of Stanley Clark, a pastor at True Gospel Missionary Baptist Chruch returned from a high school football game to find his wife bound by zip ties in a burning car.

Reports claim that after her husband removed her from the car, it became engulfed in flames.

Latorcia told her husband that she was hit over the head and then dragged to the car. The subject who dragged her to the car used zip ties and shoe strings to tie her hands and arms together. When the culprit tried to start the car and couldn’t he fled the scene.

The police in the area are presently investigating the event.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Our God is truly a mighty God. If Stanley had only stayed a short while longer at the game, this would be a different story.

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