The Missionary Football Team

Every Friday night before a game, Mendehall, the BYU football coach and his team members go to church, give talks and sing hymns.

Mendehall Signs Autographs. Photo Credit: Christine Armbruster

They shared gospel messages and inspiration with church members in Fort Collins, Colorado, before beating Colorado State 49 – 10 on the field recently.

The coach said their Christian gatherings are always the highlight of his week, not the game.

“At the end of our lives, the outward exterior, the muscles, the height, how far you can kick a ball, how hard you can block an inside linebacker or make a tackle — none of that will be measured,” Mendenhall said. “What will be measured is the strength of our testimonies, the service we have given and our obedience to the commandments which have been given.”

It is great to know some people still know where their priorities are while they live in this world. Where is your priority, is it in Jesus?

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