New 2010 Gospel Awards

The 1st ever Gospel Appreciation Awards (GAA) are being held Saturday, 27 November 2010 at The ICCA, Nottingham (99 Hucknall Road, Carrington, NG5 1FA). The GAA present such an exciting opportunity to meet fellow Christians and aprreciate the works being done to glorify God. The GAA event is also another incredible opportunity to sow a seed in the lives of people in the communities we live and work and therefore will start off with a Charity Ball.

The main objectives of this newly founded awards are to appreciate Christian artists and designers, build a stronger bond in the Christian community and to work with and appreciate those working within our communities.

Unlike most other gospel awards that focus on music, this group supports music and more. The 2010 Award nominees are yet to be confirmed.

To get tickets to the Gospel Appreciation Awards ceremony on November 27, visit here – Tickets 

This is Gospel Metropolitan!

G.M Correspondent: Romola


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