Animals of the Gospel – newly published book

A French author has taken it upon himself to research into a highly neglected group of the Bible – animals.

Tugdual Derville recently published the book “Animals of the Gospel”, where he offers a way to discover the Gospel through animals, as well as discovering animals through the Gospel.

His book reminds us that Jesus knew how to cook fish and often admired shepherds in the care of their flock.  It also notes that he was no fan of snakes.
The animals with the worst image problem are the pigs, which are possessed by demons and thrown overboard into the sea. The wolf is also shown in a bad light, presented as the embodiment of evil, and the crows which according to Luke: “do not sow or reap, they have no storeroom or barn; yet God feeds them.”
It’s a book full of entertaining scenes and reflections, which helps us see the importance of animals and allows us to read the Gospel with new eyes.
Culled from RomeReports
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