Unless the Lord…It’s all in Vain

We live in a fast-paced world, and I mean that literally. We want quick money, quick school admission, quick jobs, quick marriage, quick children and the vicious cycle goes on.

One thing I love about our God is that he is not forceful. He is the still small voice you hear in your soul. But when you hear STRATEGY he is the Master Planner. Satan thought he had won the chess match when he succeded in getting Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit, but the Master Planner had the overall Joker card in his son Jesus, who turned things around for our good.

In this same way, the Master Planner knows just how to slow us down and get us to reflect on him as the giver of every good thing. I was drawn to this verse tonight, Psalm 127:1 and I saw in a 21st century new light.

UNLESS the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is WASTED. UNLESS the Lord protects a city. guarding it with sentries will do no good. (NLT)

In the days these words were written, there were no Blackberries, on-the-go emails, iPads and all manner of gadgets that fill up our 24 hours. However, one thing that has remained common to both eras is man’s crave for a better life, to be uplifted, to progress and to just move forward. All God is saying is that, until you ask him to step in – whatever you are building with your sweat day and night is vulnerable to a huge crash like a pack of dominoes.

I know one or two people who would say “I have made it thus far without an active God element, stop being pessimistic.” This is the point where I would tell you about being in God’s perfect will and God’s permissive will.

I will liken these 2 wills to a CD plate. On a CD there is the round hole in the middle, and of course the CD body itself. God’s perfect will can be said to be that little hole in the middle and the round body, his permissive will. Definitely, outside the CD is totally out of God’s will – e.g living in sin and not being born-again.

In our spiritual life, we tend to dangle in and out of God’s perfect will into the permissive bit, and in his mercies he sustains us. But for how long will we keep feeding on milk when we should have started eating meat.

In order not to digress, if you seem to be succeeding without a definite commitment to God, I can assure you it will not last. This is not a curse, it is what the Bible says; because as long as there is an enemy who prowls the earth to and fro seeking who devour – your riches, achievements and all you have stored up for yourself can never be safe. A lion does not see a robust goat under no covering and walk past – never!! By natural instinct, that is ready meat for slaughter.

Unless you slot in the God-Factor into that situation, my brother and sister, let’s face it, it’s really in vain.

One other thing I would like to address before I fall asleep, are the issues of Temporary ‘slotters’ and Permanent ‘slotters’. God cannot be mocked. If you offer mock-service only to receive that which you crave, even before you commenced the service – he knew. God is that person who knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb, how much more the deep intents of your heart. If you diligently seek God because of a miracle, then you receive it and slide back into regression – such a person is a Temporary ‘slotter’.

Our God is a merciful God, and sometimes JUST FOR HIS NAME SAKE he answers such prayers. But that does not mean he is blind. Remember that only a fool will say in his heart that there is no God. It is not until you utterly don’t believe there is a GOD that you fall under this category. Even those selective moments you choose to believe and convince yourself that God can’t see – you have fallen into the category of Proverbs most common character (fools).

The Permanent Slotters of course diligently seek God and totally wait on him for their miracles before and after. Put God first in your life and in that situation, not by lip-service but heart service.

Matt 6:33 sums it up, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you”.

P.S.Unless the Lord …. IT’S ALL IN VAIN!


This is Gospel Metropolitan!

If you have not given your life to Christ, you are not anywhere close to that CD plate and you have no covering. You are vulnerable to the whims and caprices of the devil.

If you want the Lord Jesus to step into your situation and give you a new life, just read these words out : Dear Lord, I come before you today as a wretched sinner. I have lived outside your will and I am ready to accept you as my Lord and personal saviour. I admit that you died on the cross to set me free and rose again on the third day. Cleanse me of my sins and make me whole again. Thank you Father, for in Jesus name I have prayed. Amen.

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Stay blessed!






5 thoughts on “Unless the Lord…It’s all in Vain

  1. JUSTINO says:

    I was really touched by the Leading to salvation part….when i look at the simple prayer required for sinners to pray in order to be born again, I always marvel at the extent of his love. Tomi, God bless you for extending this hand of fellowship through GM.

  2. Kitua says:

    good job Tomi…calls 2mind the Bible verse that says if you announce me b4 men i will announce u b4 my father in heaven…God bless u richly!

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