New Season….

Dear Reader,

The fact that you are tuned in into this page at all and reading this message is a miracle – and I am thankful to God.

We have been out of circulation for a while now, yet when I momentarily track the stats, I see that people still visit. That was all the motivation I needed to push on with this initiative no matter what the challenges maybe. 

Do kindly accept our apologies for the break-in-transmission… Gospel Metropolitan will endeavour to spread the good news of Christ no matter what may come our way.

Just as a gentle reminder, this is what Gospel Metropolitan is all about:

I am  a solely Christian news and entertainment-features blog. My aim is to cater to the news and entertainment needs of booming Christian youths around the world. The sole idea driving met is that, on-going information overload in today’s society, is releasing substances that could be TOXIC to one’s Christian faith.

I am therefore an avenue to proclaim the good news amidst loads of fun, music, interviews, pictures and more.

On this note, Gospel Metropolitan is calling for Christian writers and content providers, please send us an email if you are interested and we would get back in touch with you –

It’s a new season and it’s a new day … Old things are passed away — let’s rock on to triumph this April, by his grace.


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