Bible Study Bullets!

Bible Study Bullets is a segment on Gospel Metropolitan where you are welcome to share, in sharp bullet points, what you learnt at Bible Study. Wherever you may be on the planet, it doesn’t matter. We want to know what you have gleaned from the Bible. Someone somewhere may just need that word. If you have any BULLETS to share, simply send us a mail: and we will publish your BULLETS asap.

Some of these BULLETS may pierce through your bone-marrow and hit a sore spot. Don’t cringe, don’t wince and don’t run away from the truth – rather allow the word of God to renew your mind and transform you.

Today’s BULLETS:


  • Some Christians don’t win battles because they fight spiritual wars in the flesh
  • When you take a step towards God, he takes a leap towards you
  • Daniel and his Hebrew friends stood out in excellence because they refused to conform to the ways of Babylon (the world)
  • If you don’t stand out for God, the world will sit you down, and shut you out of God’s presence
  • You cannot remain in the flesh and please God
  • When you are shut out of God’s presence, you forfiet his grace and blessings
  • A barrier to standing out for God is the Big-Boy Syndrome – too proud to associate with those of lowly status. Rom12:16
  • Fornication (sin) activates a termination of your destiny Prov2:18-19
  • Immorality is the quickest avenue the devil uses to get youths now
  • Immorality is not just about actions, but also what goes on in your  mind
  • Beware of destiny demolishers and unfriendly friends
  • Any friend that would encourage you to leave the presence of God is not a friend
  • To stand out, you need to feed daily on the word of God
  • Witness and profess Christ at every chance you get; also let your lifestyle be a witness
  • Submit your will to God’s will
  • Repent, for he is a God of a second Chance
Bible Readings: Rom12:2, James4:8, Mat10:32, Rom12:16, Ezekiel36:17b, Isa55:7, Luke12:47-48, James4:17…

Bible Study led by Marcus Agu of JCC, Coventry, UK

Share BULLETS from your Bible Study with us… we would be glad to publish and spread the good news.

See you next Wednesday, with another edition of Bible Study BULLETS

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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