Nigeria: Aid 4 Post-Election Violence Victims

The team leader at the Centre for Gospel Health and Development in Jos, Nigeria, has urgently called for blankets, mattresses and medical care to support the victims of the post-election violence in Jos, Nigeria.

The Ven. Noel Bewarang, who is also a steering group member of the Anglican Communion’s Anglican Alliance, undertook a needs assessment on Easter Monday at the camps for internally displaced people (IDPs) at Jos East local government area. He found about 3,000 people, mostly Christians, who had been attacked in Toro, Tilden Fulani and Magaman Gumau in Bauchi state.

Risking his own safety to go into the affected communities, he saw homes destroyed by fire and spoke to some of the people affected by the post-election violence.

“Based on our assessment, the victims are in dire need of blankets and mattresses as their houses were completely burnt,” said Bewarang. “This is the rainy season in Plateau state and it can really get cold at night. Medical care is another urgent need — quite a number of the children have fevers and diarrhea. Nine male corpses were recovered and buried, several people are still missing.”

Bewarang and his colleagues reported the situation to local government officials and, as a result, food was sent to the IDP camps. In addition they were able to arrange for some medical teams to go into the affected areas.

GMet: Please if you are within these areas… do what you can to send help and say a prayer for them.

Culled from Episcopal News Service

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