Tyler Perry drops new MADEA movie

I am a huge Madea Fan… the Eiffel Tower themed wedding scene from Madea’s family Reunion has remained etched in my memory like a voter’s thumb on ballot paper.

That said, Tyler Perry isn’t done with this million-dollar-racking character, Madea. On April 25, he released Madea’s Big Happy Family and instantly it hit the 2nd position in the box office.

Madea with Loretta Devine on set

According to NEwsTaBuLOus, the cast  is huge and diverse. There is Loretta Devine, who is Shirley the niece and who has cancer. Also Shannon Kane, playing Kimberly, the uptight daughter and bitterly rude to everyone. Natalie Desselle Reid, plays Tammy, the one who is rude to her husband,  Rodney Perry Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, and many more artistes than I can count on my ten keyboard-tapping fingers.

Madea’s help is needed to bring the family together for her niece and the family’s sake. She takes charge and takes no nonsense to her niece’s bickering children. The time is precious as Devine, Shirley, wants her family to be around one last time before she goes home to the Lord, due to her terminal illness.

There have been reviews of the new Madea movie, and as usual, there is the good the bad and the ugly.

Los Angeles Times Review says that Perry has simply stuck to his template of “contrasting extremes, careening between saints and sinners, high drama and low humor, the gospel and the gutter.” They described this development as a Perry’s return to safety, considering the controversy that trailed his previous movie, For Colored Girls.

New York Times on the other hand subtly lauds the movie. According to NYT, thankfully, “This time the suds outweigh the humor, and to its credit Mr. Perry’s script doesn’t duck tragic consequences.”

Have a go at the trailer … I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to lay my eyes on this. Don’t you just love when Madea takes the Gospel (with a lot of drama mind you) Southern? 😀

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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