Jacob can Sing!

Jacob Lusk is an American Idol contestant who is considered unique in his gospel stylings and possesses an incredibly wide vocal range.

Randy Jackson, American Idol’s top judge, tagged his rendition of God Bless the Child, the best performance in the history of the show.

See for yourself…

Sadly, last night, Jacob was eliminated from the contest during the live results show. With a voice like that, I won’t be bothered if I were Jacob.

Digital Spy caught up with him for an interview during which he talked about his time in the competition and future plans.

In reacting to his elimination, he said, “I think sometimes America didn’t know what to do with me, but I think much of America got that I was the R&B crooner, soulful gospel guy. And a lot of the times those lines blur…”

Jacob said he wasn’t exactly in his best element before his God Bless the Child rendition. “Before the performance, I was tired and I was drained. The person who went up before me sang [the song] and killed it and I was scared. I was shaking in my boots! I don’t know if anyone noticed but I changed the final lyric of the song when I ended and added ‘I need my own’…” he told Digital Spy.

Jacob’s gospel background has its tell-tale signs written all over his type of music. This is how he puts it “you can’t take gospel singing out of a person… it’s a soul thing”.

If I were a Jacob with that kind of talent… I would be singing so hard for Jesus we won’t have to wrestle @ Peniel till he blesses me 🙂  (Bible Ref: Genesis 32:23-34)

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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