Bible Study Bullets (2)

Bible Study Bullets is a segment on Gospel Metropolitan where you are welcome to share, in sharp bullet points, what you learnt at Bible Study. Wherever you may be on the planet, it doesn’t matter. We want to know what you have gleaned from the Bible. Someone somewhere may just need that word. If you have any BULLETS to share, simply send us a and we will publish your BULLETS asap

Today’s bullets:

Topic: God-Given Talents & Gifts

  • A gift is a voluntary transfer of asset to someone without any financial obligation required from either party
  • God has deposited gifts into each man
  • Possessing a certificate or a degree is not synonymous to greatness and success, even though God can use it as a key
  • For most people who fulfilled their God ordained destinies in the Bible, talent played a great role
  • Whenever Jesus had a miracle to perform, the instrument to be used was right there with him
  • What you need to breakthrough is within you, and God must breathe upon it
  • Men who make it in life do so because they have the (divine) information to function
  • The race is not to the swift  Ecc 5:19
  • Time is very paramount to success in life
  • The gift of a man makes way for him and gives him a place before Kings
  • To activate your gift for greatness, be born again
  • Ask for grace to continuously live a righteous life
  • Do not belittle yourself, or compare yourself to others
  • For every talent God has given you, Satan will contest – so be ready for war
  • In taking steps to fulfuilling your destiny, do not seek the approval of man but God’s
  • A man that will fulfil destiny must get rid of Spiritual Laziness

Bible Readings: Prov 18:16, Rom 6:23, Acts2:38, Ecc 5:19, 1Chron12:32, Ecc 9:11-12, Exo 31:1-6, 1Chron 15:22

Bible Study led by Bro. Seyi Balogun of JCC, Coventry, UK

Share BULLETS from your Bible Study with us… we would be glad to publish and spread the good news.

See you next Wednesday, with another edition of Bible Study BULLETS

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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