Losing Weight the Jesus Way

I bet you have not come across anything like this before.

I randomly typed GOSPEL into YouTube’s search engine, and there it was! A gospel-workout video. I laughed so hard for full 2-minutes, and before long I found myself moving to Paul Eugene’s ‘Give Him Praise’ work-out  routine.

He said some things on the video that hit home, “when your body is functioning properly, it is giving a praise to its creator, God”.

God is interested in your booming Spiritual life and all, but don’t forget you have an assignment on this earth (to spread the good news) and need to keep your body in top form as well. Jesus is definitely a stake holder in the state of your health, if not he won’t come to heal the sick and raise the dead.

Alright, before I start a little church up in here – Jump into your sports gear and let’s get this video running:

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


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