Chasing Daily Bread

Beep! Beep!

It’s 7.00 am in the morning, and in less than an hour I am  pulling into the office driveway bracing myself for a long day.  Hours fly past and I am out again, looking forward to some needed rest as soon as I get home.

I am already tired. Sleep becomes the only option after a large dinner helping.  My T.V. could almost pass for a mere decorative ornament, as I can’t even make out time to watch the evening news.  ‘Zzzzz’, I am already fast asleep,  snuggled in between my soft pillows. My phone blinks hysterically, signalling unanswered phone calls and text messages. But yours truly is already lounging in Dreamland.

Piled up activities and a few other responsibilities differentiate this daily weekday routine from the weekend and before I knew it, I was already saying ‘Happy New Year’ again!  That was a few years ago.  A circle of life!

It’s so easy getting caught up in our daily activities which make up our life routine; after all, these are somewhat related in providing a means by which we can live.  I almost lost my job once by arriving late a couple of times in a month and could only be thankful it was converted to an admonishment as I had no other means to settle my numerous living expenses.  Financial worries were just a few, as I had so many things on my mind.  As occupied as life may seem based on our daily routine activities, it is of insignificant substance without the King of Kings as I began to learn in my Christian walk.

Like the circle I described earlier, it’s easy spending 60mins, 24hrs, 7 days and possibly 12 months without giving attention to the most high God.  I was so wrong.  He doesn’t just want your attention; he wants a relationship with you.  Perhaps this is where many young Christians fail to draw the line.  We are surrounded by earthly activities that engulf majority of our time, thereby preventing us from spending enough time with God, if at all.  Our daily chase for ‘daily bread‘ often gets in the way from seeking the true ‘Daily Bread’.

The New Testament reveals God in the person of Jesus Christ so we can relate with him personally.  That’s the intention.  When he left, he came back again in the form of the Holy Spirit to dwell in us so we can relate with him even better; for what you have in you is always available irrespective of time and location.  We have been equipped with the ‘word’ to seek the secrets of God and know him even more through revelations, yet like we often neglect the ‘word’ for the ‘world’.  Alphabetically and biblically, the word is always before the world.  That’s the order of priority we should take up in our Christian walk.

God comes first!!!


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