I wanna get married!

Isn’t that the cry of almost every spinster in the household of God (and without actually)? Getting married is like the new definition of Peer-Pressure in town. Body languages, eye signals and textual innuendos scream, “BROTHER PUT A RING ON IT!”

I mean, you’re done with the first degree, bagged a second and Mr. Right hasn’t even said “Hi”. LOL! I know it’s not funny, but allow me smile before you cut off my head. This scenario reminds me of my Integrated Science teacher is Junior Secondary class 2, I was 12 years old then. He said, if we girls moved up to JSS 3 class, yet no boy had even whispered “hello” to us, we should go and start praying in tongues because there was a big problem” :D. That statement marked my official awareness of the opposite gender as ‘toasters’ (a Nigerian-English term for Wooing).

Oh boy, how I religiously awaited my “Hello”. Sadly, the boys started feeling cool with themselves thereon. They launched the usual jab of “has a boy said hello to you yet?” -silly children. I got my non-jabbish “hello” anyway, in 3rd term  (when hope was almost lost) :). Let’s put that gist aside and move on, there is a lot to be covered.

It makes me smile whenever the Man of God says “ask God for that one special gift you are believing him for“. I always imagine multiple cries of ‘HUSBAND’ fly up to heaven like cartoon bubbles. Perhaps a few requests for a ‘WIFE’ joined the queue, but for some reason, I am not convinced men pray as hard as women for life-partners. Battle it out  with me in the comment section at the end of the post *wink*- I dare you to Bring It On!

Really, there is no better place to seek for your life partner than at the feet of your creator. I read and meditated on Psalm 121 yesterday morning and it says, “I lift up my eyes to the hills. Where does my help come from. My help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth…”.

The challenge however comes when we want to connect what we’ve read in the Bible to the actual lives we live on earth. We know all the promises of God by heart, but that condition to WAIT on him is where we mostly default. True, we don’t deliberately refuse to wait, it just happens.

For instance, you see this fine brother with the ride, the cash and the gospel swag, that is the Lord speaking in clear language (you say to yourself) -but do you remember how God chose David when Jesse presented his eldest sons to Samuel. His thoughts are not your thoughts, period! The money, the ride and the swag is good, but the best is GOd-ordained.

WAITING on God in this department is painful but it pays. Marriage is just one life-landmark you cannot afford to get wrong. If you studied the wrong academic course, you could go back to school and start over. Worst case scenario, you classmates would call you “aunty”, but you’ll graduate. Marriage on the other hand has no automatic reverse button – it leaves a stamp for life.

Marriage can dull your destiny or sharpen it. I pray the latter for everyone reading this post. It’s intricate relationship to your overall destiny is one most important reason why you need to genuinely wait on God for this man or woman. I mean genuinely wait on God and not the popular church lip-service-lingo  that goes “we are waiting on the Lord o!”, backed by a sympathetic twist of the lips and upward lifted eyeballs.

To round-off, I have compiled a list of things you can dowhile waiting. It’s always sweet when he/she finds you busy, not idling and pinning away:

1. Write for Gospel Metropolitan. Okay, i’m kidding, but get invovled in active service for God (from your heart)- i call it ‘building heaven’s treasures’

2. Invest in reading spiritually uplifting books, not just about finding a life partner, but marraige itself and scripturality

3.Pray earnestly about your partner. Not just about him finding you, but for his life, his business (if you want him to have one), his family, your unborn children etc. Now is the time to prophesy babe! (I need to improve on this too). When he rolls by in that Hummer, you’ll say “hey sweets, I sowed this jeep into your life without you realising it” *wink*

4. Genuinely rejoice with those around getting married. No jealousy, envy but pure joy. If you want to have your wedding at the age where your hair and gown colour are to-match (white), hate on those you should rejoice with

5. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed Habakkuk 2:3b. After you’ve done all you can – Just stand!

This is Gospel Metropolitan!


12 thoughts on “I wanna get married!

  1. Tonianni says:

    Oh my! you are in my mind! I was just discussing with someone how my sisters wedding is in a few months and i’m next on the line and now the pressure would seem realer. Still, I thank God for his grace because I don’t think I’m going to marry at all.

  2. Motilola says:

    Oh Tomi!!! You just hit the nail on the head! You are such a darling!!! May God bless you real good for this post. I just wish I could share it too (with your permission). It just might be what that next person needs to read 🙂

    Believe me, I have been blessed by this post…

  3. Vito says:

    Wow… Haven’t read anything that is gospel related and so real in a long while and not get bored – yeah you are right I am a sinner. Wow… I have to read this again.

    Nice one. The wait was worth it.

  4. Halidu Faith says:

    i just wonder why its so never really tot of it but it seems when ladies are almost graduating they start looking for d “one”.its really worth looking into

  5. Justin Okoli says:

    Another bomb release. I think this is one of your best article so far. Fantastic blend of matters arising. WELLDONE TOMEEEEE

  6. Jesse says:

    hmmm! Tomi,

    Okay let me spark, as in speak.
    Like the paintings of real life situation in your post. Some of us get sick of looking & searching that we are consumed by other passions, ala work/sport etc. And then your friend get married, now has a baby, ((((gbagaunnnn)))) thats the bell ringing in the head.

    Good to think about these stuffs & keep things in perspective. *thumbs up*

    This article should be syndicated with our local dailies too.

  7. Tara says:

    Hi Tomi,
    Don’t know you but I was richlllly blessed. I woke up this morning feeling so down.
    This is because I have been in a relationship I’m not really enjoying,
    But have sturbornly refused to leave it and go on with my life because I
    Want to settle down and start having kids.
    This message really ministered to me.its not easy to wait
    But God will help us all. Amen

  8. graz says:

    More people need to read dis!! however, i am of the notion that many people have heard and read about tips such as this, but as human beings tend to do…we still fall into the trap of fretting about the issue of marriage. I think one good strategy will be for single ladies(and even guys) to gather in a particular setting and hear from other ‘funky’ saved young married people that took the right steps and finally found their ‘missing rib’God help us 🙂

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