Style Sunday with Modish

I am more than happy to introduce this specifically designed fashion and style blog to GM followers and visitors. It’s for the ladies and men who already know how to look good for God, those who may be having issues looking spot on every Sunday and those who may have one or two questions when putting graceful pieces together.

Its spring/raining season like some of us call it, it’s a season of colors, fun and freshness. All this should be incorporated in the outfits set aside for Sunday’s because it’s a day of fun and refreshing in the presence of God

Ms Modish (Ladies) has (have) a million and one fierce pieces to choose from today so, a wardrobe malfunction, fashion faux pas or loss of an idea of what to wear is not permitted in the kingdom of God. You need to learn and make an admirable effort to express and exploit your awesome sense of style which by the way is in you this season, in various fabrics, hues and silhouettes

Mr Modish (Men) in the same vein are blessed with the Less is more fashion and style phrase because you usually don’t have to put in as much effort as women to look good…yea really! Stick with this column and you shall not be alone as you look to impress God and that girl in church….lol



Gospel truth is, whatever it is you want to put together, these 5 fierce Tips will help:

  •  Downsize in-your-face designer clothes to one per look. Your confidence is in you and not on you……let subtle branding do the trick
  •  It is not how much you bought it, it’s how well it fits or would you carry the price tag around?
  • Environment is well important……wear only what is appropriate, you don’t want people doubting your sanity
  • Not too sure about a combination….seek a second opinion before walking out….it works!
  • Never dress to impress, personal gratification is key


So brothers and sisters, with these, you are ready for a new dawn in style and apt expression of it as every occasion arises.

I will be sharing more fierce tips as we go along so keep your eyes only on the prize, thank you very much!

For all enquiries contact Modish on:    OR call       +2347059649197

 Its Ms Modish,




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