the broken heart

A tale of two lovers…..

He said he would do anything for her.  Of everyone I’ve met, Gary was a man who meant every word that dropped from his lips.  He didn’t need to remind anyone that Yvonne was the love of his life as it showed in his words and deeds.  Not a Disney tale, but a true life story.

Gary hoped for a lifetime relationship with Yvonne.  He called her often, gave her what he could without her asking.  He always wanted to be the reason for the smile across her lips.  He would tell her how much he truly loves and adores her and even promised he would never break her heart.  Such a faithful man Gary was.  Even in the moments when Yvonne was of bad behaviour, love tolerated, forgave and let go easily.  Wow! He was a different man.  His affection for the love of his life never diminished.

He boasted about her to everyone about how lucky he was to have her, although sometimes she would find herself spending time with other friends, forgetting Gary is waiting patiently for her.  Yvonne took Gary for granted a lot, but what a patient man he was, always waiting for her to turn up and giving her a hug as soon as she arrives all because he’s missed her and can’t explain how much he loves her.  Hmmmm, they say love is blind.  But truly, Gary could be the representation of love having no boundaries.  What mattered most was showing love to Yvonne every time and in every opportunity he could find but she was difficult to please.

Yvonne was blind.  Not physically, but affectionately as she failed to realise how much affection Gary had shown to her over the years.  She always gave him an excuse for turning up late, yet he always understood.  She constantly procrastinated every date, yet Gary remained patient and remained hopeful.  She needed a lot of things but Gary willingly provided them although she failed to say ‘thank you’ on numerous occasions.  Occasionally, she would buy him a gift and send it to him; her way of trying to make him happy.

Despite how heartbroken Gary felt, he still chose Yvonne to be the love of his life.  He even asked her for her heart forever.  ‘Yes’, she said and at that point she tried to be a better lover, but it began to fad away.  In no time, she was back to what she was; selfish, unloving, always busy and always giving numerous excuses until she realised she’d broken the promise she made to Gary to give her heart to him and love him in return.

Gary represents God and you may be Yvonne who is unknowingly cracking the pieces of his loving heart by taking him for granted.  Don’t break his heart!  All he’s done is to love you!  Like Yvonne, we fail to realise we keep breaking the promise we made that very day we gave our life to Christ.

God is ever patient, ever tolerant, ever merciful, ever faithful, ever welcoming and ever understanding.  The word that encompasses all these attributes is LOVE.  He doesn’t only love, he is constantly showing love and trying so hard to welcome you back to his sacred place where you can live in love, joy, peace and numerous other promises he would never break.

God loves you.  Keep showing him you do.


2 thoughts on “the broken heart

  1. kayode2life says:

    🙂 You used the Hammer to hit the Nail Right on the WaLl. Its what I call a MaStEr PiEcE. Keep it up girl.

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