Bible Study Bullets (3)

Bible Study Bullets is a segment on Gospel Metropolitan where you are welcome to share, in sharp bullet points, what you learnt at Bible Study.

Today’s bullets:

Topic: Allow God

  • We have to learn to allow God because he won’t impose his will on us
  • God has promised us loads of things, but we need to search for him wholeheartedly first
  • What goes on in our minds is louder in heaven than the words we speak out
  • God is more interested in your heart, attitude and motives than what you speak or profess
  • Doubt is a barrier that prevents us from allowing God – when you can’t appreciate that He can do it
  • You can allow God by having an active prayer life
  • You can also allow God by living in the consciousness of his presence
  • When you allow God, his power would be at work in you and you can make decrees
  • Finally, when you allow God, He will continually be your defence
  • Will you allow God today?

Bible Readings: Jer 2913, Jer 51:15, 1Cor 6:14, Eph 2:6

Bible Study (sermon) by Pastor Obileye, RCCG Perry Barr, Birmingham, UK.

If you have any BULLETS to share, simply send us a mail: and we will publish your BULLETS .

See you next Wednesday, with another edition of Bible Study BULLETS

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One thought on “Bible Study Bullets (3)

  1. sanmee19 says:

    Many of us forget that God isn’t forceful. Even since creation when he presented the trees of good and evil to Adam, he has always given man a choice. It’s our decision to allow God to come into our lives to make a difference. We need him!

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