Poem: Parents



Those times when I looked up to them for love, for food and for total survival, they lovingly plastered each brick and God strengthened it.

Those times when I could only look at them as machines of discipline: of pain, they plastered hopeful bricks of the future and God approved it.

Those times when I looked upon them as creatures to be detested, they plastered those bricks with defective hands and God corrected it.

Those times I looked down on them as failures to be pitied, they patiently plastered heavy bricks and the Lord wisened it.

And for all those times I didn’t even look at them at all, they diligently plastered tearful bricks and God remembered it.

Today they looked back on God’s work and saw that it was good. The foundation of my life has been laid and God progresses it.


3 thoughts on “Poem: Parents

  1. capTain says:

    You know what’s so interesting about this? It was only a few hours ago I had a conversation with a friend (Tomi) and was telling her how much I value my parents now as I look back and remember the discipline they instilled. Then it felt like so much pain, but truthfully, the strongest bricks stayed in the fire for the longest. Today, I can boast of being a good child due to the upbringing by my parents and the direction and guidance God gave them. Thanks for sharing this.

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