Message in the Beat II

Message in the Beat II

Hi guys, I guess the week has been wonderful so far!  It’s been eventful for me especially with regards to my forth coming graduation.

The song for analysis this week is Mary Mary’s “it’s the God in me”

Hmmmmmm (clear my throat). In gospel music I have come up with two broad categories of songs. Songs that are meant to minister and others that merely entertain. It is only on rare occasions (if any) that you get the two in the same song.

I will start by saying the Mary Mary duo have been a great inspiration in the gospel music industry; from songs like “Take the shackles off my feet”, “I can’t just give up now” and a long list of others. So this write up is not in any way a witch hunt.

Well “it’s the God in me” is substantially contemporary both in the beat and the lyrics. I have no major issue with the lyrics; obviously God in me will definitely make my life radiant, prosperous and free from errors etc. However, I have some reservations about the video representation of the song.

C’mmon let’s call a spade a spade and not a “very big spoon”. The Holy Spirit I am sure will not say its ok to expose some cleavage. I am sure that is not God!!! Well ask me where in the video? Let me draw your attention to minutes 1.34- 1:39. Also check the lady in minute 1.57, common people, it’s good to look fabulous but don’t be a source of temptation.

In this video there seems to be a crossing over of things of the world and things of God. The success which is seemingly celebrated in this video is that of celebrity culture. Although Israel Houghton appears towards the end of the video the vast majority of people who appear are secular artists like; Kanye West, Heavy D, Farnsworth Bentley, Common, Felix Alexandra and Amber Rose amongst others. Are these the people that we are meant to be looking at and thinking “it’s the God in them”?

Have we forgotten that 1Timothy 2:9? Don’t get me wrong, like I said earlier it’s perfectly ok to be gorgeous but where these guys got it wrong is in the area of modesty.

Well if there were secular artistes, I wouldn’t be bothered. But when you bear the name of Christ, your disposition “plus-including” your videos should not look like “Beyoncé’s video.” Rather Beyoncé’s video should look like yours!! This in my opinion is just a case of mistaken identity. These days Christians just want to “belong” forgetting that we’re not to be conformed to the world’s practices.

This is my view: Mat 5:13 “You are like salt for the whole human race. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it.”



22 thoughts on “Message in the Beat II

  1. bola says:

    I can align my opinion with yours. These artists may say that they want to use their music to attract unbelievers but the question is, are they attracting them the correct way. Our life style should signify the type of life we live and proclaim. We as christian and life changers should take that into consideration in every aspect of our lives

  2. taiwo says:

    Well said, i’v had the same discussion with people about this video and we all felt the same way. There should be a drastic difference in a video made by beyonce and one by a Christian. When people watch this video, what do they see or think, I pray God would continue to give us more insight.

  3. lolahbf says:

    I always thought the same thing when I saw this video. I could never understand why Kanye West was in this video? I also once saw them on stage singing with LL Cool J and Kanye West and I thought there has to be a distinction of some sorts.

    I thought I was just being too judgmental but I see others share my views.

    P.S: Have you seen Kirk Franklin’s new video ‘I Smile’?

    • Gideon says:

      Hi Lola..its not being too judgemental, is seeing something and recognising what it means.
      I have heard ‘I smile’ but have not watched the video; will do that soon though

  4. Tonianni says:

    I get what you mean though. I didn’t even know the song had a video. When my uncle brought the CD home, and was listening to it, He asked me what I thought. I said I don’t feel it at all. I think they have been too commercialized and possibly lost the purpose for which they ought to sing. My uncle said, well they need the

    I can only listen to their first two albums to be honest. I find that with most of these Christian musicians, older is always better.

    What does ‘It’s the god in me’ even mean sef.

    • Gideon says:

      lol..I understand what you mean..and I think I can agree with you that most older albums of these Christian musicians are better..the thing is, some, after a while they like Saul, feel they have arrived and decide to abandon the message they are meant to be preaching..

  5. capTain says:

    hmmm, nice one Gideon. All i can say is that Christians shouldnt allow the ways of the world subdue to gospel message. Truthfully, i doubt if gospel songs require videos. It’s a message to be heard!

    • Gideon says:

      Thanks capTain:) about not having videos for gospel songs; videos are al-right but it is the abuse(abnormal use) that makes it wrong..

  6. Faith says:

    before we cast the first stone i guess we are all guilty of this celebrity thing its one of the rave of the moment. we might want to cast dat stone but remember its not only them we too should be show the difference and not point fingers it took just one person in the bible to shape and shake a nation (moses,joseph,daniel,shadrach etc)and we are casting stones. lets face it something is wrong somewhere.(im not saying they are rite, im saying think abt this)we are all guilty.

    • Gideon says:

      @Faith, Thank you for your comment; you are not far from the truth; in fact, a lot of us have at one point or the other had it wrong. However, it is not al-right to see the wrong thing going on and keep quiet; in that way you are as guilty as the one committing the sin. Some of us by God’s grace are having certain things right now because we were corrected by people of God from His word.
      The Bible says in 1Tim 5:20 : Rebuke publicly all those who commit sins, so that the rest may be afraid. It should be noted however, that this must be done in love, not with the intent of bringing anyone down by “casting stones.” That is why in the last line of paragraph 4, I stated that it was not a “witch hunt”.

  7. Tomi Ola says:

    WoW! Gideon! All I can say is that this is a bold post, well done!!! It’s tough for me to talk as I stepped hard to the song only last night, lol.

    • Gideon says:

      lool..its tough for me I even tried to justify the lyrics at some point..buh when I saw the video..I knew something was wrong some where..

  8. Justin Okoli says:

    Welldone Gideon. Everything is wrong with this Video, infact it is completely spirit-empty. Total Nonsense!!! When Christians try to step up spiritual things to compete with secular things, then we get it all wrong.

  9. Abiye says:

    Well people, It’s not like I’m championing any cause here, but those dresses in the parts of the video Gideon talked about don’t look seductive to me. Maybe because I see the likes of them ever so often in weddings and similar events. Common, even wedding dresses all look like that these days. Having said that though, personally I’m not feeling the song. Feels somewhat empty to me.

  10. DJ Ebiseri says:

    Nice and well written, But I dont see wrong in those outfits sighted, not saying they are the most suitable though.

    What makes a Gospel music Video okay? Is it Images of Churches? ppl crying under d anointing? the Song being sung? the Ppl that make cameo appearances….

    capTain said he doubts if Gospel music required any video,Yes they seriously do, These ppl, to them, Music is also Business, and a Music video increases ratings, gets ur message spread to a wider audience…
    The Bible said tell it on the Mountains, and we are a city set on a Hill. Not to hide our Lights.
    We are not to be too Spiritually conscious to become of Earthly Irrelevance

    These are one of those reasons, we hardly see people go into singing Gospel songs. Too Many ppl waiting to Judge u in love, to compare ur beats with secular, to check who appears on ur video…

    In all, Let the Truth be said, Let the weak in spirit be made strong, Let the Church be Edified, Let his Kingdom come and Let God’s Will be Done

    • Gideon says:

      @Ebis; we all have our opinion on what we feel is right or wrong, but make sure your points are based on scriptural references..about judging in love..if you check your Bible you will discover how John the Baptist spoke openly against the Pharisees.
      Well I am not John the Baptist, but I think by the grace of God I know what is wrong and right based on the Bible and I wont because of what people will feel, fail to state the truth. Furthermore, I will be happy if someone sees me and says..what you are doing is wrong based on God’s Word..the responsibility will now be on me to go and cross check if what has been said is right or not. I might not like to be openly confronted but if that is what God needs to use in putting me in check, so be it.
      Haven said that, any dress that exposes you breasts is not scriptural. It’s as simple as that.
      About comparing beats; there was no comparism of beats in this write up. I am a great lover of good beats and in fact I love this one. But beyond the beat, the message in the beat is what I am after.

      • DJ Ebiseri says:

        I understand, My Bad(i spoke generally at times) In all you re doing great, keep saying the Truth as it is Bruv, and more grace.

  11. TimDavid says:

    Hmmm, Very bold comment I must say… Like Abiye and Ebis said… I am still watching to see the really seductive parts of the video… For me… I’d just say let us leave that judging bit till Jesus comes… Even He said that He had not come to judge…

    How far away is Mary Mary associating with Kanye and Co different from Jesus Christ dining with task collectors… Selah…

  12. Grace says:

    If we are going to call ourselves Christians let us represent Christ in every aspect of our being, lets not lower our standards to conform with the world. This is not the only song on this album which is quite disappointing … I was very skeptical of the collaboration with David Banner in Super friend.

    Great post!

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