The Big Bully

BullyingI can’t leave the house anymore.  I am afraid of going to school.  He would find me.  He would take my money.  He will beat me up.  He harasses me.  I am scared.  He’s bigger and stronger than me.  I can’t match him…..

The life of a junior student in high school could be characterised with many things.  For the unlucky ones like me, bullying became inevitable for the first three years of my high school education.  How paranoid I became, reacting suddenly to every little sound in fear of the arrival of one of the higher grade lads.  At times like this, I wished I had an older brother in a senior grade that could fight off bullies to my advantage like a few other junior students.

No bully picks on his own size; after all, the only way of claiming cheap victory is by tormenting the supposed feeble looking juniors.  In reality, if not anything else, a bully is only able to succeed if he’s able to intimidate and instil fear.

The bible says he came to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  Sounds like a bully right there.  He hasn’t got a problem with you; after all you never approached him to get him angry.  He is just naturally bitter and he wants to take away every good thing you enjoy as a Christian including your salvation.  He’s angry with God but there’s no way he’s gonna fight him; he prefers to attack you and I who look feeble and frail due to the magnitude of our earthly worries.  Although we may look weak, we are strong because the powerful God we serve lives in us.

Every difficult situation has a lifetime.  The teachings of faith in the Bible should continually remind us that earthly concerns are only temporary as God has promised a lot of things which will surpass whatever we are going through.

You are victorious

God constantly reminds us that the battle is his.  From Genesis to Revelation, his great power has always manifested in the lives of his children.  A perfect illustration is the story of David and Goliath in 1st Samuel 17.  God doesn’t expect us to develop our physical strength to fight a spiritual battle which isn’t ours, he expects us to use our faith which invokes his power in order to claim the victory which has already been released to us by grace even before the battle begins.

The battle is already won.


2 thoughts on “The Big Bully

  1. Gideon says:

    That’s right “the Battle is already won”. The issue is sometimes as Christians we want to do God’s job for Him. All we need is faith in His word; that because He has said it He will do it. God help us to always trust Him. Amen

  2. Tomi Ola says:

    The one that amuses me is how we (I inclusive), profess to have faith in God and trust in God, yet when the chips are down, doubt steps in, giving satan (the big bully) the upper hand to graze our noses against the floor. I need to up my faith level, because God is bigger than any situation, bullies inclusive.

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