JCC Jubilates is Here

The D-day we have all been waiting for is finally here – Jubilee Christian Centre’s 4th year anniversary. Guest ministers at this season of celebration are Bishop Lanre Obembe, the presiding Bishop of El-Shaddi Bible Church, an international Christian organisation all the way from Lagos, Nigeria, and Africa’s leading worshipper, Sonnie Badu.

JCC Choir @ the 3rd Anniversary

Also ministering are: the JCC Mass Choir & Coventry University Gospel Choir (Gospel Rhythms)

It promises to be a refreshing and blessing-filling time in the presence of our God as He uses his vessels to send down his rain.

It is going to be a 4-day event, and here is the break down:

Thursday 26th May @ 7pm
Friday 27th May @ 11pm
Saturday 28th May @ 6pm
Sunday 29th May @ 10am

RCCG Jubilee Christian Centre is located at 32-42, East Street, Coventry, United Kingdom.

Gospel Metropolitan is going to be covering the anniversary live online – you can be a part of this by following us on Twitter – @gospelmet … #JCC

For more information or enquiries about the event, punch these digits – 07983610222 or 07825334447

It’s raining all over me already, so hard I know I am going to reign. Can you feel your rain yet???

Be at the Right Place at the Right Time, Doing the Right Thing – to receive your breakthrough.


This is Gospel Metropolitan!

Back story: GMET News: JCC Jubilates


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