In Pursuit Of Understanding

Pens, notes, books and lectures!Studying

During my undergraduate and postgraduate studies, there were definitely those times when I spent hours trying to assimilate lecture notes and text books.  Eventually, they began to make meaning over time.  I’m sure most would agree that assimilation comes mostly by successive study.  I often found myself studying the same lecture notes and books over and over again until comprehension finally became the state of mind.  I realised this principle could be applied to the word of God.

It’s never a mere occurrence or coincidence you picked your Bible to read, your spirit must have led you to it one way or the other.  It’s always refreshing going through the word of God, after all it strengthens one’s faith and guides our thoughts towards God.  Countless of times when I read my Bible, I realized upon the final verse that many of the sentences I had read where a bit unclear.  But alas! I have already put my Bible away feeling justified that I read the Bible that day.  Truthfully speaking, that had no effect in my Christian life and probably didn’t fulfil the purpose of studying the word of God.

The purpose of the word of God is not new to anyone although understanding is a yardstick which can be used to measure the effectiveness of our study and meditation on the word of God.  Just like our academic materials which required successive study, the Bible must be understood in order for it to have meaning, take up a substantial part of our knowledge and begin to trickle into our experience in the course of our Christian walk.

The present age has provided many materials that can guide us in understanding the scriptures.  These include various Biblical translations, concordances, messages, devotionals etc.  The greatest guide is the Holy Spirit who has the ability to guide and direct us in the course of our Biblical study.  All these put together with a desire for interest and understanding of the word of God wouldn’t only acquire you Biblical knowledge but would begin to have an effect in your Christian life.


2 thoughts on “In Pursuit Of Understanding

  1. Tomi Ola says:

    You hit the note there when you mentioned “desire and interest” to study the word.
    Naturally (in worldly terms), it is not fun to study the Word of God.. and even lesser fun to pray. it usually takes a great deal of discipline and every ounce of your will power to accomplish these tasks. The good thing is that the more often you do so, the less tasking it becomes and the more you enjoy fellowshipping with you maker. But the sad thing on the other hand is that, it is all too easy to lapse back into “sunday-only- Bible reading.

    Ways in which I help myself engage in active Bible study:
    1. Writing for Gmet – because I have made it my duty to share the word on this platform, I am pushed to read the word and ask God for inspiration at all times.

    2. I use devotionals just like Captain suggested in the article (but not always). There are times when the topic being addressed is not just in season for me. So I embark on my own personal word search for the day.

    3. At times I choose a Bible character and decide to study them intently, to learn how they hurt or made God happy – because my utmost desire is to please Him

    4. I choose a book sometimes and tear it apart. my favourite for this exercise is Proverbs 🙂

  2. Gideon says:

    I agree understanding is the yardstick used to measure the effectiveness of our study. At one point or the other I have just read through to satisfy my conscience that I did read the word for that day.
    But the truth is that it’s the Word you understand and use, that makes you grow as a Christian.
    In addition to what Tomi said I think you can also read Christian books by renowned men of God. This also gives some greater insight.
    Overall we should always ask the Holy Spirit “the teacher” to teach us what the Word means.
    God bless

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