INFiNiTY drops New Album

The Infinity band is back again with a sequel to the Olori Oke album. It is titled “7 LAWS OF INFINITY”!

The album was released on May 29th, 2011, and is available at all Mr. Biggs outlets in Nigeria, Total Bonjour filling stations in Lagos, Hub Media (The Palms) & your neighbourhood stores (all in Nigeria).

Fans in diaspora have access to downloads from iTunes,, Emusic, iLike, Spotify, MySpace music, Media Net, Zune, Rhapsody, Nokia and Napster.

INFINITY guys want to say a big thank you to all their fans for the overwhelming support they’ve been shown in the past.

I trust GMET MUSIC Head, Gideon to justice to the tracks on this album in his Message in the Beatcolumn right here on Gospel Metropolitan (watch out for Message in the Beat every friday evenings).

Just in case you have a hard time recalling who they are .. here is a track from their old album:


3 thoughts on “INFiNiTY drops New Album

  1. Abiye says:

    I just tried to get the album on amazon, and found out it is only available in the US for now. Couldn’t find it on amazon. Can someone please let me know the moment it is available in the UK or any other means to get it here.

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