Bible Study Bullets (4)

Bible Study Bullets is a segment on Gospel Metropolitan where you are welcome to share, in sharp bullet points, what you learnt at Bible Study.

Today’s Bullets:

Topic: Operating in the Fullness of God

  • If God were to be homesick at this moment, would he find your temple a worthy dwelling place?
  • To operate in the fullness of God is to be like God in everything you do, and who you are
  • We need the power of God to operate in the fullness of God
  • Don’t get carried away with activities in the house of God and neglect your personal relationship with him
  • The Holy Spirt is crucial in operating in the fullness of God
  • it is your duty to keep your temple clean so that the Holy Spirit can dwell there
  • Watch and be prayerful, so that the fruits of the Spirit can manifest in your life.

Bible Readings: Eph3:19, Rev8:5, JEr33:3, Gen3:8, 2Cor7:14

Bible Study by Desmond, RCCG JCC, Coventry, UK.

If you have any BULLETS to share, simply send us a mail: and we will publish your BULLETS .

See you next Wednesday, with another edition of Bible Study BULLETS

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