The Ultimate Question.

I’ve been trying to write this article for the past couple of weeks, and everytime I got to my computer, nothing seemed to pour forth. So I just told my self to wait till the Spirit leads. All we do, shouldn’t be to make ourselves look good, intellectual, spiri-koko-ed or what have you, it must all point to God. As the days went by, I got a testimony from a friend about somethings he went through and I thought about how relevant it was to this topic..this must have been what I’d been waiting for.

When I was much younger, my siblings and I loved to watch Aladdin, the disney version. We also had the tape and spent lots of mornings watching it to the extent that I could recite the whole movie from the beginning at the cave of wonders to the last song as the credits rolled off the screen. One part came to my mind as I thought about this topic, this particular scene. Aladdin asks Jasmine ‘Do you trust me?’

ALADDIN:    Do you trust me?
JASMINE:    What?
ALADDIN:    Do you trust me? (He extends his hand)
JASMINE:    Yes. (She takes it.)
ALADDIN:    Then jump!

And off they went escaping from the guards. Jasmine, didn’t have time to rationalize the events, what if she broke her neck, what if , what if, what if? Now the real question, What if Jasmine had refused to jump? I wonder how that would have translated as ‘Trust’. Aladdin would have looked like a fool and would surely think that Jasmine didn’t trust him, and then the guards would have captured her, sad. But it is a story, and she actually jumped but real-life doesn’t always translate so wonderfully. Many times we claim to trust but we really do not.

If you look through life and the decisions you have had to make, you will see the importance of trust. You go on an airplane, without cross-checking to see who is flying or what the pilots qualifications and awards are. You trust that the sun will rise every morning. You trust that gravity won’t one day cease to pull you back to earth. You trust that the money you have in your bank account is safe and sound. But when it comes to relationships, our trust wanes. More-so the number one relationship all of Mankind should have, we question it.

Man has always had trust issue since the beginning, in the garden. Eve had a choice, to trust God’s words concerning the garden and its gifts, or not. We all know how that went. All through the books of bible, this is echoed, God speaks to man, ‘I LOVE YOU, TRUST ME’ many times, they claimed to trust God but went about doing what they preferred just like we presently do.

One of my friends went through the toughest time of his life some months ago. He is someone who loves to help people and every other person has come to depend on. He gave up himself so many times to ensure that people could be ok, financially, emotionally..basically they looked up to him and he became some sort of savior to them. Who was he? only a Man, just a man. And until God began to break him down, he didn’t understand why he was having a nervous breakdown. He had been trying to play God to all these people, forgetting that he should be dependent on God, not on himself. Every of his acts pointed people to him and not God. Thanks be to God, he has come out of the situation and has realized his folly, life without total dependence on God is no life.

The Ultimate Question my dears, is not, Does God exist?, it is, Can We Trust God? Ask the Atheist why they do not believe there is a God, there is no answer that they can give that wouldn’t point to ‘Lack of Trust’. But it’s not enough to believe that God exists, We must actively trust that God loves us , and at the end it will be all good, despite our present groanings just as the Bible proclaims. Every single time we look to ourselves and circumstances, just like My friend did, Just like Eve did, Just like Peter did, just like We usually do, we would start to sink, just like Peter. Man wasn’t made to walk this life alone. God is glorified when you are solely dependent on Him. We need to stop trying to ‘do’, trying to stop sinning, trying to be ‘good’, We need to abandon our will to God’s will. If the birds of the air have no worries of tomorrow, why you?

”A true belief in Christ springs from that trust and compels us to search “with a good and honest heart” for the will of God in our lives. A true belief in Christ is recognizable because it produces the fruit of the Spirit — fruit that no one can deny when they see it. A true belief in Christ means we seek peace, not contention, and when peace is unattainable by our own efforts, we trust God enough to let it go so God can handle it in God’s own way and time. When our belief is truly grounded in Christ only then will the “living streams” flow from us, giving life and blessings to all those around us”

So, Do you trust God? If your answer is yes, now lets us like Jasmine did, JUMP!

Bless x.


11 thoughts on “The Ultimate Question.

  1. Jaycee (E.A) says:

    That’s my best scene in Alladin, and I totally love this post. Thanks for reminding me about the ultimate question. I trust God with all my heart, and in the areas where I’m iffy, I say “Lord, help Thou my unbelief.”

    • Tonianni says:

      When my friend told me about his situation, and I saw myself and my folly reflected in his words, this particular scene kept coming up in my head. Who would have thought that over 10 yrs ago when i watched Aladdin repeatedly, God was preparing it as a lesson.

      It is with great joy that we have to share with one another, in doing so we build each other up as the body of Christ

  2. capTain says:

    Totally inspiring. It’s really easy to claim we trust God although we find ourselves acting differently when we are faced with life’s problems. Christianity without faith is a mere religious practice. Faith is tied to trust, for we believe in God and trust that he would come to our rescue when we need help.

    • Tonianni says:

      Faith and Trust can be used interchangeable, Faith as used in the bible (new testament) is the greek word, Pistis. The root of the word is Pietho which means to trust, to have confidence, or to be confident.In Hebrew,faith is ’emuwn'(mas) which means; established, that is, trusty or trustworthiness and ’emuwnah'(fem) which means firmness; security; steadfastness; moral fidelity.

      Whether we use faith or trust, we can see that God’s definition is all about confidence and conviction. I personally think that trust conveys a heavier sense in our world today.

      And as @Jaycee mentioned, If we weaken in our confidence from time to time, we can go boldly before the throne of grace to ask for more. 1 John 5:14 puts into proper perspective this avenue which is open to us.

      I thank God!!

      • Gideon says:

        Truly inspiring. What we need to do is trust..even to the point of death. Shederach, Meshach and Abednego; said …even if He will not deliver us, still, we will not bow to you graven image o Nebuchadnezzar.
        We must move from mere believe to trust. If we only believe, we’ve done nothing spectacular because even demons believe God exists.
        Good post Tonianni, more grace

  3. Toby says:

    More often than not,here’s what we do. Claim to trust and then go ahead and device our own ways and then force-convince ourselves that must be God’s way.
    You can barely trust who you do not know. Except in desperate situations where you have no choice,that’s why people scream ‘JESUS’ when skidding off a cliff.

    Know Him more and trust comes with it


    • Tonianni says:

      One would think that the fact that God created the whole universe and everything within and without it would be enough for people to trust God but that’s what sin does, it corrupts perspectives.

      And I surely agree, the more we spend time with God, the more our confidence grows, but remember Jesus talked about having faith the size of a mustard seed. Jesus essentially told them they didn’t need more faith because a little bit would go a long way. And the Bible proves that a small amount of genuine faith/trust is all it takes to manifest hope. The burden is not on Christians to muster faith or more trust, but to have enough faith to focus solely on the One who has the power to perform whatever needs to be done.

      We really need to take our eyes OFF ourselves and that’s the difficult thing, but that’s why some people scream Jesus at desperate times, not because they knew Him ‘more’ but because He is all they see.

  4. Tonianni says:


    That’s so true, how often we forget and grow cold. That scene echoes Esther’s words ‘If I perish, I perish’ and Paul’s words “I do not count my life of any value nor as precious to myself if only I may accomplish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God”

  5. Akin says:

    Been learning to trust God the past year, and it hasn’t been an easy experience. Sometimes it feels like jumping off a cliff with no safety net, but then I remember that only He knows the beginning from the end, and His thoughts towards me are of good and not of evil.

    The more I jump off cliffs, the more I realize that I had nothing to be scared of…He created the cliffs and gravity, and He’ll definitely catch me.

    Other times, I tried to play God too, never saying no to people’s requests, even when I was stretched thin. I eventually learned the hard way that I wasn’t trusting in God, I was only unwittingly trusting in my abilities which were woefully inadequate compared to God’s abundance and providence.

    • Tonianni says:

      ‘He created the cliffs and gravity’ oh yeah!, Seriously if one cannot trust in God, who then?. ‘He knows the beginning from the end’ God is indeed everything to us.

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