Message in the Beat IV

At a point I thought I would be unable to post any video this weekend. Then I remembered today is Tomi’s birthday. So as a token, this post is a special edition dedicated to Tomi Oladepo for encouraging me to start writing.

My analysis today will be on a video by (drum roll) King James!!! Cee Mee.

Wow, this song is basically a mixture of Nigeria’s legendary PIGIN ENGLISH and two other Nigerian languages; Yoruba and Idoma. Well as most of you may already know, the western part of Nigeria is predominantly Yoruba. On the other hand Idoma language is the language of some part of the Middle Belt region of Nigeria i.e. Benue State which is just beside my state Kogi state (at least let me claim a close relationship here now ;)lol).

Arguably, for your CD to sell in Nigeria, you should be ready to add Pigin, Yoruba or Ibo.

Anyway, this is a typical Nigerian dance hall beat. It is one of those songs that you are more likely to start dancing before you take note of what is being said. Well there is no need to panic; you’ve been dancing to the right lyrics. Even my pastor likes this song.


See me o

God e bless me o

See me o

I dey thank God o

Listening to the verses of this song shows the artiste here has only one thing in mind; “if not for God I wouldn’t be where I am now”

The opening scene of the video shows a homeless person under a bridge, representing “a long way coming” to his present state of “HAVING”. From under the bridge to under the duvet.  Of course you will agree with me that in Naij, you can only use a duvet if you can afford an air-conditioning unit with constant electricity. “No bi small thing o”

I wonder how many of us are grateful to God for those things we have and might now consider little, although before now was actually a big deal for us. Oh how often we forget to show our gratitude to God for life.

Remember if you are not grateful, you are just being a great fool. Note that what you thank God for, he always multiplies.

A song writer once said; count your blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. Indeed take time to reflect and you will really discover that of a truth God has been faithful.

Love the song, the groove, the video everything!

Happy birthday Tomi, Thank God for your life..Cheers


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