You Can’t Stop Now!


“………. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit”. (Galatians 6v9, Translation – The Message)

It’s been a few weeks learning about Faith and if there’s only one lesson that I can remember, it is the act of taking corresponding action in accordance with Faith.

The life of a Christian is characterised with challenges just like any other person on the earth’s surface.  Even Jesus instructed the disciples saying “…take up your cross and follow me”.  We all have our own cross which represents the build-up of issues we are faced with in life, however, God has given us the measure of Faith which is enough to move every mountain.

Faith in God is believed to be a solution to life’s issues; after all, the God who watches over us does not slumber nor sleep and he has made provision for all our needs.  Many times we fail to realise we need to invoke the hand of God by taking an extra step and continuously pushing for results.  Faith without works is an empty wish.

Are you yet to pass that exam?  Or is it an admission you’re still trying to secure?  Are you that person who is desperately looking for a job and it seems the situation puts you in a state of frustration and confusion?   It could be a habit you’re trying to drop!  Everyone has a cross.

Galatians 6v9 says it all.  The harvest will only come if you don’t give up.  Keeping our faith alive never stops at sitting still and expecting results.  We must continually take every possible action as these are the instruments God can use to cause a turnaround in whatever situation we are going through.

Speak The Word, Believe In It, Take Appropriate Action and Never Stop.


3 thoughts on “You Can’t Stop Now!

  1. capTain says:

    Yes. At the same time, we shouldn’t let our present conditions wear us down. At a time when i was job hunting, i gave up, and I was like, “God, over to you”, but really, how do I get a job if i don’t apply? Also, isn’t it when I keep applying that God can convert one of the job applications to a job? We need to let God lead us to making certain steps in order for him to take full control. Also, we need to keep taking action and seek God’s help. Thanksgiving, worship, prayer and fasting are definitely forces that will invoke God’s hand upon whatever we are going through. May God teach us more. Amen!

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