SUNDAY FICTION: False Weights and Unequal Measures

Sure the reverend preached on adultery, hollered about pride and screamed over the ladies and their short dresses but he ain’t never preached on personality cos personality’s something everybody got to work on – whether they Christian or not. Every Sunday, he’d dance around the church, weaving and heaving like he couldn’t give up either and Deelon would nod dutifully at the good Lord’s message.

As far as Deelon was concerned, he did all that was right in the sight of the Lord. Take for example Mrs Robinson who always sat right at the front soaking up reverend’s spit like it was the Holy Spirit he’self. After each service, she’d waddle up to his mama asking about his daddy in that irritating voice, ‘‘Lawd ha’ mercy! Sheriff Bill still aint released him yet? How you doing Wilma?’’ But she aint care about his daddy; all she care about was knowing more than her gossip buddy Mrs Turner.



‘‘I suppose God hate Mrs Robinson.’’ His mama have that look on her face like she itching to slap some sense into him but she just ask what he mean.

‘‘Well, reverend say God don’t take too kindly to gossip but Mrs Robinson, she just be running her mouth . . .’’ Before he know to duck, Deelon staggered from his mama’s punch.

‘‘Don’t you let me hear you speak ill of the elderly boy! She old and you not so it ain’t matter what she do, you gon’ show some respect! Your daddy and I aint raise you without sense boy so don’t act like it!’’

Source: - Lena Baker Story

Mama walk in front of him now cos she mad but she always mad even though he know the Bible say somewhere how angry people be fools. He don’t want to accept it but his mama act like a fool sometimes. When Sheriff Bill come for his dad, she shout the sheriff down fixing to fight him herself when she know sheriff got the right. But Deloon, he just continue his dinner cos he know God aint like angry people: people who curse and pray with the same mouth like his mama. He reckon that’s why God aint answer her prayer and his daddy still locked up. Or maybe cos his daddy be a criminal cos he KNOW for sure the good Lord aint like criminals.

In the Bible, the Lord say not to hate but Deelon sure hate his papa. All the coloured folks in town proud of him like their personal Doctor King but to the white folks, he just a no good criminal like the rest of them Negroes.

‘‘Everybody proud of me Wilma?’’ he ask his wife when Sheriff Bill let them in and Deelon know he did it for the wrong reasons. He become a criminal just so the coloured folks can praise him; not because he want change. His papa don’t look like a man sad to see jail instead, he happy and proud – it’s all he talk about.

‘‘Boy! You should have seen yo papa! Went right into the cracker’s house and shat in his toilet. Sheriff Bill tell me the old man built a new toilet. Had to go in his garden for a while – even for number two!’’ His papa laugh and laugh and refuse to ask his mama how she doing. His papa like King Saul so God gon’ hate him like he hate King Saul.

‘‘False weights and unequal measures, the Lord detests double standards of every kind.’’ Proverbs 20:10


Sunday Fiction: The Golden Warrior

Once upon a time in a land far away, there lived a stubborn princess called Namiola. She wasn’t much loved in her kingdom and her subjects were often heard exclaiming, ‘‘Oh how stubborn she is!’’, ‘‘How horrid she looks when angry’’ and ‘‘What prideful ways she has!’’

But Namiola didn’t care because as far as she was concerned, she was the princess. She was the best. In archery, she was the best. In running and hunting, she was the best. And guess who was the best in sewing, cooking and nursing? She ruled her subjects with an iron fist and although her subjects complained about the high tax rate, the kingdom prospered.

Namioland grew in wealth so much so that in their jealousy and hatred neighbouring and far away kingdoms began attacking this little kingdom built on sand. At first, Namiola was scared but after the first, second and third victory against her enemies, her confidence spurted. In war, she was the best.

Like the Vikings, she became thirsty for blood and began attacking kingdoms herself. With each battle she won, she felt bigger and stronger so that when the evil prince of Herodia declared war on her Kingdom, she didn’t fear.

Her citizens begged and pleaded for mercy knowing no one was fierce enough to survive a war against the Herodians but Namiola didn’t listen: she was the best!

Each day the Herodians came closer and each day, the citizens begged to surrender but Namiola refused. Seeing that she would not change her mind, the citizens rowed off the island in their twos and threes fleeing for their lives. But Namiola and her army remained awaiting the victory they were sure was theirs.

One stormy morning, they arrived.  Namiola rose up her sword and the battle commenced. The Namioland army were plenty but those of the Herodians were twice their size with huge fat arms that never missed their aim. It was with helpless defeat that she watched her strong army fall to the ground injured or dead. She wept. The last one standing, the Herodians beat her with evil joy and left her for dead.

Remembering the tale of the golden warrior, she half-crawled half-stumbled to his kingdom her blood tainting the earth and reminding her of her defeat. ‘‘My Lord! I need your help!’’ she shrilled the moment she was let into presence. ‘‘I have been defeated and my kingdom taken over by the Herodians.’’ Instead of mocking laughter her news was met with determined silence.

Ever ready for war, the King bared his holy arms, summoned his fearless army and rode off into battle his belt radiating gold for the world to see. The servants of the King bathed and healed her body but Namiola’s spirit remained ill: it had gone to battle with the King.

The next morning, she ran out to welcome the holy army. ‘‘It is well. The enemies have been defeated.’’ the voice of the King thundered. So she bowed before him, kissed his feet and praised him,

‘‘Mighty warrior

Great in Battle

          Jehovah is your name.’’

As far as she was concerned, she was his princess. He was the best. So she entrusted herself and her kingdom into his care. And although kingdoms both near and far were sill jealous of Namioland, they dared not attack it for it was now built on solid rock.

Sunday Fiction: Oils of Mercy

When Sarah looked in the first and second drawers and it wasn’t there, she wasn’t bothered but when she got to the last drawer and it still wasn’t there, she grew restless. Her fluid movements became jerky with panic as each new hiding spot proved empty. In her mind, its image remained clear and focused so she closed her eyes for just a second and let its calming half-presence wash over her.

A second turned into a minute as she clung to it, refusing to let it blur: refusing to leave the crevice of her mind. It was a joy to behold. No! It was her god – this beautiful creature of her making that she forever looked up to. There was a confident reassurance in the way it never let her down instead, serving as a reflection of her future. It was the original masterpiece and she, a fake copy trying her hardest to mask as an original.

It smiled at her, encouraging her. She laughed with pure pleasure as she looked to a bright future where she was also a masterpiece to be revered. But after a quick self-examination, Sarah found herself wanting. Its flowers were perfect strokes of talent and hers, the clumsy strokes of a child painter. And why had she been filled with a common grey when it was filled with a deep and meaningful blue? She fled her mind realising that even her imitation wasn’t good enough.

Perhaps it wasn’t of this world but of another time when perfection was easier to attain so Sarah re-packed her hopes and picked up her Bible. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses . . . One by one, it rejected them so she searched some more running from Samuel to David before finally stopping at Malachi. Sarah struggled against her failure refusing to accept her imperfections and her failures.

Determined, she opened the Bible again. Jesus. The more she learnt, the more Messiah burned it from her mind like Moses had burned the golden calf to ashes. Sarah closed the Bible and smiled as if refreshed. There was no it. There was only Jesus. She allowed her God into her mind and began to imitate him. And when her colours didn’t match his or when her lines were a direct opposite to her, he wouldn’t allow self-hate to take over. He simply mixed oils of mercy and paints of grace and changed it for her.

Why are you striving these days?
Why are you trying to earn grace?
Why are you crying?
Let me lift up your face, just don’t turn away

By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

You Can’t Stop Now!


“………. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don’t give up, or quit”. (Galatians 6v9, Translation – The Message)

It’s been a few weeks learning about Faith and if there’s only one lesson that I can remember, it is the act of taking corresponding action in accordance with Faith.

The life of a Christian is characterised with challenges just like any other person on the earth’s surface.  Even Jesus instructed the disciples saying “…take up your cross and follow me”.  We all have our own cross which represents the build-up of issues we are faced with in life, however, God has given us the measure of Faith which is enough to move every mountain.

Faith in God is believed to be a solution to life’s issues; after all, the God who watches over us does not slumber nor sleep and he has made provision for all our needs.  Many times we fail to realise we need to invoke the hand of God by taking an extra step and continuously pushing for results.  Faith without works is an empty wish.

Are you yet to pass that exam?  Or is it an admission you’re still trying to secure?  Are you that person who is desperately looking for a job and it seems the situation puts you in a state of frustration and confusion?   It could be a habit you’re trying to drop!  Everyone has a cross.

Galatians 6v9 says it all.  The harvest will only come if you don’t give up.  Keeping our faith alive never stops at sitting still and expecting results.  We must continually take every possible action as these are the instruments God can use to cause a turnaround in whatever situation we are going through.

Speak The Word, Believe In It, Take Appropriate Action and Never Stop.

Message in the Beat III

It is common knowledge that the UK’s gospel music industry is not as popular as its US’ counterpart. The reasons for this will form the topic of another day’s discussion.

On my video selection today I have decided to feature a UK born and breed video by Victizzle  called “iSing” Ft. Utter Once & Muyiwa

These guys have taken a genre of music which has a negative image in the UK and is usually associated with stuffs like gang violence etc., and turned it around; thereby projecting grime in a positive way.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, ‘Grime’ is a music genre that was born in East London, and maybe only makes sense in East London. It is a bastard blend of street English, Jamaican dancehall reggae and two kinds of rave music: (1) drum ’n’ bass, an electronic party monster built from breakbeats, or loops fashioned from the percussive “breakdown” sections of other songs; (2) a U.K. delicacy called garage, which rhymes with carriage and feels like R&B running a fever. The sum is a fast clatter of syncopated claps, alien chirps and machine bursts.

Grime vocalists resemble turbo-charged rappers,(lol) racing to match backing tracks that thump about 130 times per minute — near your target heart rate for vigorous physical activity. This feels like going 2 the gym for me (Just thinking)

What Victizzle has done here is to merge “makosa” beat with “grime”, which I think is kinda innovative. This is a motivational song with great dance beats for Christian birthday parties, wedding receptions etc.; definitely not for choir ministration. lol

Now, I was in a music workshop some years ago, we asked a question whether there was anything like gospel beat or secular beat. The answer was that there is no such thing as a secular beat, what matters is what the lyrics represent and if they give glory to God or not.

I agree with the presenter at the workshop however, with a slight qualification, that there are some music progressions that are “too notoriously tied to certain un-edifying songs,” the even though the lyrics you apply to it subsequently is RIGHT, because of the knowledge of the previous lyrics, it might be really hard to pass the right message across.

Having said that, I must commend the efforts of Victizzle in trying to use this beat as a bait to win young street guys/girls into Christianity. This is “eating with tax collectors’” but making sure you are not becoming a “tax collector” yourself. Jesus never became one!

My favourite part of the lyrics is

“See I gotta’ make moves in my life
Lord I’m all yours make moves in my life
My skin colour, that’s no excuse
Coz’ the blacker the berry, the sweet the juice”

The message is clear; no room for excuses with God we can make it to the top! Race, colour and even location are immaterial.

Against the background of what the youths of our generation have become, I think this is really a great effort to stay decent in a video. Enjoy your weekend guys.


In other unrelated news, I congratulate my brothers and sisters in RCCG JCC Coventry because of what God has done and is doing in our midst! Love you all.