Newbie Meet Me!


I am  a solely Christian news and entertainment-features blog. My aim is to cater to the news and entertainment needs of booming Christian youths around the world. The sole idea driving met is that, on-going information overload in today’s society, is releasing substances that could be TOXIC to one’s Christian faith.

I am therefore an avenue to proclaim the good news amidst loads of fun, music, interviews, pictures and more.

Gospel Met is simply your one-stop shop 4 the Good News.

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8 thoughts on “Newbie Meet Me!

    • Tomexy says:

      Hi Lou, thank you for liking our design. The theme is actually free from WordPress. However, a member of the team did a little extra work on the layout to make it look unique. Stay blessed 🙂

  1. Dr Sankty says:

    Hi, how are you guys doing! nice to finally be on this site. i run a similar blog to this, Club X eMagazine. we would like to partner with you guys ohh… hit us up on the email address, or my direct line, 0806 849 7199

    keep up the kingdom work oh…

  2. G.O.R says:

    Hallo! So glad to see that there are more blogs springing up to take the Good news as far and as wide as possible. Please keep up the good work, give more opportunities to Nigerian acts particularly upcomers…they are the ones who need all the help that you can give…
    God bless and keep you

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